Colin’s retirement is a ticket to ride

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A BOX full of presents was waiting for bus driver Colin Frost after completing his last school run.

Mr Frost, 64, has been driving children from St Louis Catholic Middle School on the Newmarket to Bury St Edmunds route for the last three years.

He said: “I’ve been looking forward to retiring, but that’s not to say the children have been a problem at all, they have always behaved very well. It has come around quickly, but I’ll probably still come back for the odd job when they need me.

“The children kept pestering me about what presents I would like. I jokingly asked them for a holiday but they said they couldn’t afford it. In the end they bought me some lovely presents of food and drink.”

M. Frost, who lives in Mildenhall, also served in the Territorial Army for 16 years where he used his driving skills while working on re-fuelment vehicles,

He and his wife have a holiday planned in Zimbabwe and he has a large garden to look after on his return.