Children terrified in attack by wasps

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ANGRY wasps turned a lunchtime school football game to terror.

Staff at Mildenhall College of Technology became an army of first aiders after 31 children were stung on Friday, some six or seven times. Several staff were also stung as they removed wasps clinging to the youngsters’ clothes.

Head teacher Susan Byles said: “It was terrifying for the children to be surrounded by these aggressive wasps.

“We’ve roofers in and the men on the roof said it was like a film as the swarm came out of the ground and surrounded the children.”

The attack started after the football hit a bush and the swarm welled up from an underground nest among its roots.

Ms Byles said: “We called the paramedics because some of the children were swelling up where they had been stung several times.

“Fortunately none of those stung were allergic but we have two children in school who do have a serious reaction so we had to check they hadn’t been stung.

“Our pest controller came almost immediately, because he was in the area. He said they were European wasps and said he had never seen anything like it with the way they swarmed over him. They were stinging him through his protective gloves.”

It was not the first dramatic start to the school’s year. Ms Byles said they have also had flooding, fallen trees and volcanic ash stopping staff getting back to school.