Children’s musical debut

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Around 450 primary school pupils took to the stage this week as they made their debut music performance at The Apex, in Bury St Edmunds.

Proud parents watched children performing with their classmates and will again be there today for a musical event run through the Wider Opportunity scheme.

On Monday, 242 children took part in morning workshops designed for the children to show-off their instrumental skills and sing and play together. These were taken by Neil Carlson, a senior woodwind tutor, Penny Snelling, a senior string tutor, and Hilary Turner, who ran the vocal work. All work for the Suffolk County Music Service.

After rehearsals, the children gave a 45-minute concert to a packed audience, despite having to be evacuated halfway through due to a police incident within the arc.

With another day of workshops and a concert today, school children of Bury St Edmunds can be seen to have played a big part in the eight-day programme of concerts run by the Suffolk County Music Service, involving over 1,400 children.