Cash helps trainees get online

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BRANDON residents now have the world’s biggest resource at their fingertips after new internet facilities were funded.

Cllr Bill Bishop has given £480 of his locality budget to the Flowerpot for a router and new IT facilities.

Cllr Bishop said the money would help to ensure that Brandon ‘didn’t get left behind’.

“West Suffolk College had started training people to use computers but they didn’t have internet access.

“I thought they could get a lot more people in there for the courses – particularly elderly people in Brandon who don’t have the internet at home,” he said.

Sue Whiting, course co-ordinator at West Suffolk College, welcomed the donation.

“We have had a really good response to our IT courses.

“Bill has been very passionate about the Flowerpot and us doing IT courses there.”

Cllr Bishop added that he had fought with Forest Heath to keep the Flowerpot open and said its future was now secure for another six months.