Banquet brings Tudor days to life for pupils

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PUPILS were able to eat, drink and be merry at a school’s historic Tudor banquet.

Year 5 at Norwich Road School, in Thetford, feasted on a range of erstwhile treats at a banquet to bring this half-term’s focus on Tudor society to life.

Teacher Lesley Tindall said it was the food’s that did not appear which made the biggest impression – as well as some of the Tudors’ practical dinner table etiquette.

“The children were surprised at there being no crisps or chocolate, but of course they didn’t exist in England then,” she said.

“Tudor people could also only use their right hand to eat. The left was used after calls of nature!”

Teachers and pupils donned full Tudor costume for the meal and the authenticity was completed by a pig’s head in situ at the head of the table.

The day was rounded off with dancing to Tudor musical accompaniment.