Editor's opinion: Please help me to get back the £700 Sue Ryder shop lost at the hands of thieves

Kerry Whiting, lead sales assistant at the Sue Ryder shop, in Out Northgate, Bury St Edmunds

It costs about £700 to pay for a Sue Ryder hospice nurse for a week.

That’s exactly the sum the charity has had to find thanks to what can only be described as heartless scum who broke in and raided the till at the charity’s shop in Out Northgate.
Few things make me really angry. This has.
The charity has remained very sane about the whole episode – though having to close the shop, repairs and a dip in income are costs they shouldn’t have to meet.
So this week, I’d like to set you all a little challenge. Can we get back that £700 for Sue Ryder so that patients in the hospice do not miss out on any care?
I’ll start the ball rolling with £25 and have set up a Justgiving page - whatever you can spare will go to the charity.And if you are one of the lowlife losers who broke in, you can donate anonymously on here, too – perhaps your mum or granny will need the care one day. Think on.
Search on Justgiving for EditorSueRyder or go here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/editorsueryder

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