Duo of music masters to play Festival date

John Williams and Richard Harvey are playing the Bury Festival
John Williams and Richard Harvey are playing the Bury Festival
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THE Bury Festival will welcome two of the most talented and acclaimed musicians in the world in May – as part of their ‘World Tour’ of music.

Guitarist John Williams and multi-instrumentalist Richard Harvey are performing at The Apex, in Bury St Edmunds, on May 23, playing a variety of music from all over the world and from different eras in history.

John said there was often a misconception about the name of the duo’s show.

He said: “The show is called ‘World Tour’ – people think its because we are touring the world with the show, but really the show is a world tour of music.

“We decided a few years ago to put on this show quite apart from our solo projects.

“With Richard playing the multitude of instruments it gave us the chance to play all kinds of music.

“He plays a lot of South East Asian instruments – anything that can be blown he is also pretty good at.

“We recorded a DVD five or six years ago called Live in Aichi – it was a free event in Japan with more than 3,000 in the auditorium.

“People dealing with the technical side of the show decided to tape the performance just for their internal records but it turned out so good they decided to release it.

“The show we are performing in Bury St Edmunds is very much like that performance.

“We are playing some African music, some medieval music, traditional Irish music and a few American numbers.

“It is not a programme we do very often but it is such a pleasure to play.

“It is a joy for a guitarist to be able to play the variety of music we are playing.”

Richard said: “People do tend to raise an eyebrow at the name of the show but really it is music from all over the different continents.

“That is not to say that all the music in the show is world music.

“I do not think there is any more reason to classify music from parts of Africa as world music as there is for music from Germany from the 17th century.

“We try to have as much variety in the show as we can.

“John will play his guitar and I will have a suitcase with 25 different instruments in it.

“One minute the audience is marvelling at John’s playing, the next I bring out a mandolin. They nearly always leave happy because they can hear music they have never heard before.”

Tickets for the performance can be bought from The Apex box office.

They can also be booked online at www.buryfestival.co.uk, by calling 01284 758000 or by emailing bookings@theapex.co.uk.