Dramatic videos of raid on a jewellers and chase down A11 to Thetford

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A gang of six men involved in a car chase down the A11 to Thetford after a Norwich robbery have been jailed for a total of 37 years.

The six had travelled to Norwich on August 5, ridden mopeds into the city centre and raided Windsor Bishop on London Street.

Alfredo Rojasvagras, 24; Bradley McMillan, 22; Curtis Bradbury, 21 and Mark Moloney, 18, all from Islington with Tommy McKenzie, 25, from Hillingdon and a 17-year-old from Islington, all appeared before Norwich Crown Court today after pleading guilty to the robbery Windsor Bishop at an earlier hearing.

In August, as shoppers watched in horror, three pillion passengers armed with picks, axes and sledge hammers attacked the glazing of the entrance door, forcing their way in.

Police say one swung a sledge hammer towards the security guard and all three attacked display cabinets containing Cartier and Rolex watches.

Once outside the shop, all the men got back on their mopeds and escaped through the city to Aylsham Road where they picked up their silver transit van and made off down the A11 towards Thetford.

A still from the police helicopter video as police close in on the roibbers' van ANL-150610-172250001

A still from the police helicopter video as police close in on the roibbers' van ANL-150610-172250001

But Norfolk Police’s control room had received more than 40 999 calls from the public and as a result of that information officers were able to quickly identify the suspects.

A police helicopter followed the suspects to a wooded area off the A11 near Thetford where officers on the ground intercepted them and arrested all six within an hour of the incident.

Three Cartier and one Rolex watch, worth around £30,000, were recovered.

Bradbury received an 11 year extended jail sentence.

McKenzie, McMillan and Rojasvagras received a six year jail sentence each.

Moloney was given five years in a young offenders institute and the 17-year-old received three years in a young offenders institute.

DC Katie Barnard said: “Thanks to the prompt calls from the public who witnessed the incident and the efforts of officers on the ground and in the air, we were able to detain all six suspects within an hour of the first 999 call being made.

“This case is an excellent example of how, by working together with the police, the public has a significant role in helping keep their communities safe.”