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Donation goes to dog’s home

The moment Liz Haslam from BedsforBullies saw the amount that BullyBillows had donated.
The moment Liz Haslam from BedsforBullies saw the amount that BullyBillows had donated.

A dog rescue centre in Barnham was given a huge Christmas present after a huge donation was given to them.

BedsforBullies, who rescues, shelters and re-homes abandoned Bull breeds, received a cheque for £1,047 from dog supply company, BullyBillows.

Liz Haslam, who runs BedsforBullies, was absolutely shocked when the donation amount was revealed.

She said: “I though the amount was going to be about £150-£200, I had no idea it was going to be that much,

“It is just amazing and it will be put to so much good use by us.”

Liz said her shelter is different as it takes the more interesting cases such as Eric, who was shot in the face and left blinded and deaf and Boudicca, who had her leg amputated at 10 months old due to a birth defect.

The home has taken dogs from places as far away as Switzerland, Turkey and even Dubai.

After BullyBillows found out about the work of BedsforBullies in the summer they contacted Liz and said they would donate money from their calender sales to the shelter.

Partner of the company, Ben Billows, Said: “We did research on organisations that focussed on these types of breed as I feel they are misunderstood.

“From the success stories I saw that Liz had achieved I knew BedforBullies was the one.”

BullyBillows’ 2018 Bull Terrier calender gave 20% from each calender sale to the organisation.

Sales are still continuing up until January and Ben feels that due to the success of this first charity calender he hopes to do this annually for other charities.

“Liz does something amazing there, to take dogs that have been tormented in so many ways and for her to put dedication and trust for humans and other animals back into these dogs in a positive way is brilliant.”

“For us to be able to give something back to someone who puts so much work into what they do, has made all the hard work in making the calender worthwhile.”

For more details on BedsforBullies and BullyBillows, go to www.bedsforbullies.co.uk or www.bullybillows.com

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