Dog owner urges housing bosses to let pet end his days with her

Gloria Perkins with her dog Sammy
Gloria Perkins with her dog Sammy
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An elderly woman says she will fight housing bosses to let her 14-year-old dog end his days with her.

Havebury Housing Partnership told Gloria Perkins Sammy the cavalier King Charles spaniel must leave sheltered housing at Autumn Close, Barrow, by the end of the week.

Gloria, 68, said: “If they try to take Sammy away from me they’ll have a fight on their hands.”

Gloria moved into the close after being made homeless. While she spent two months in bed and breakfast, Sammy was cared for by her granddaughter Roxanne who said: “He should be spending the rest of his time with his owner.

“Why should we end his life early when he should be with her?”

Roxanne and her father Phillip are both out at work all day so cannot keep Sammy permanently and feel that because of his age and needing drugs for a heart condition, it would be hard to rehome him.

Phillip added: “Havebury say the person is all they worry about. Making her lose the dog isn’t good for her.”

Gloria said: “He’s 14, it’s not fair to keep moving him about. He’s settled here and he’s as good as gold. He doesn’t bark. It’s very upsetting.”

She said her neighbours understood that if someone had a dog when they moved in they were allowed to keep it until it died.

Gloria said: “The warden and the council woman say that has never been the rule, but how long have they been here? The residents have been here 20 years.”

Karen Mayhew, chief executive of Havebury Housing, said: “Havebury acknowledges the important role pets can play in older people’s lives, but we generally find that pets are not compatible with small, close communities such as sheltered housing schemes.

“For this reason, Havebury is clear when letting sheltered accommodation that pets such as cats or dogs are not permitted in the majority of our sheltered schemes.

“Mrs Perkins at the time of letting confirmed that she had made arrangements for the dog to stay with her family. We have no wish to cause Mrs Perkins unnecessary distress but Havebury must also be fair in respect of other residents who have been asked to make alternative arrangements for their pets on accepting sheltered accommodation.

“We will continue to work with Mrs Perkins to find alternative arrangements for her pet either back with her family or consider other rehoming options.”