Dog is a man’s – and his other dog’s – best friend

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EDWARD was a loyal friend and guide to his owner for more than six years. But now, there is a new pair of eyes to look out for Edward and his master, Graham Waspe.

Two-year-old Opal bounds around the home of Mr Waspe and his wife, Sandra, in Danescourt Avenue, Stowmarket. But even when Opal is off-duty from Graham she looks out for Edward, guiding him tentatively out of the door and down the steps into the garden.

Graham, 60, was heartbroken when his guide dog Edward had both of his eyes removed last October after contracting incurable glaucoma.

“I was so worried whether he would be happy or not. I was just crying and crying, but he was happy and smiling. The Animal Health Trust were so good with him and, apart from not being able to see, he is just the same.”

Now retired Edward, eight, has a new friend to look out for him.

“Opal is lovely and I love her. It has been good for Edward to have her around. They get along with each other and they help each other,” said Graham, who lost his sight in two separate accidents when he was younger.

“Having a guide dog has made an incredible difference to my life. I have got my independence again, I can go out and feel safe and secure,” Graham added.

Mr and Mrs Waspe are both dedicated Guide Dog volunteers, school ambassadors and speakers.

Edward, who is well-known around Stowmarket, has now won over even more fans. Two Specsavers workers are taking part in a sky dive next week, inspired by Edward, to raise money for Guide Dogs.