Does high demand at recruitment firm in Bury St Edmunds mean a return to business optimism?

Cooper Lomaz's Mark Fletcher
Cooper Lomaz's Mark Fletcher
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Recruitment firm Cooper Lomaz in Bury St Edmunds has seen a record month for July, having doubled the number of people it has placed into full time work.

At the same time the number of vacancies on Cooper Lomaz’ books has grown by 35 per cent.

“We are seeing a very positive trend and we are actively recruiting staff here at Cooper Lomaz to cope with the increased demand,” said Operations Director Mark Fletcher.

“Over recent months we have been placing 40-50 people in permanent full-time jobs.

“In July that number jumped to 91. That’s a very big uplift – it’s the highest number of placements in one month in Cooper Lomaz’ history.”

In addition Cooper Lomaz filled 20 contract positions in the same period.

“The number of vacancies on our website averages 350. Currently it is 471 and rising,” said Mr Fletcher.

“The figures reflect the growing level of confidence among our client businesses.

“Companies are feeling much more positive about hiring additional staff.”

None of the people who have been found jobs have been recruited for so-called zero-hours contracts.

It is however seeing huge demand for specialists in the burgeoning oil gas and renewable energy sector.

The success at Cooper Lomaz has meant the firm has had to hire 11 staff since Jaunary and it currently has four vacancies to fill.

“The recruitment industry is always regarded as a good barometer of the economy,” said Mr Fletcher

“Recruitment is the first thing to be affected as confidence goes down.

“And it is one of the first areas where a returning optimism can be detected.”