Do A-boards help or hinder? It is time to have your say

A Boards on St Johns Street
A Boards on St Johns Street
Have your say

A council is inviting members of the public to have their say on what action, if any, should be taken on the use of A-boards.

With more than 50 unlicensed A-boards being used in Bury St Edmunds alone, St Edmundsbury Borough Council has begun a period of consultation, which details various options, including a complete ban.

Its overview and scrutiny committee has recommended a revised permit scheme be introduced.

Its chairman, David Nettleton, believes this would resolve problems with the current system whereby the council’s planning department is able to reject A-boards granted approval by its licensing department, necessitating a hearing.

He said: “The permit scheme will assist businesses in getting consent to put out A-boards, which they haven’t got at present. It will ensure, for the benefit of shoppers, that A-boards aren’t in the way and it would tidy up some of the unsightly A-boards that are out so they fit in with the historical feel of Bury town centre.”

This week, Twitter follower @Ridsybear said: “They are a help as long as the ‘owner’ of them is responsible in where they put them. Guidance from the council would be good.”

Have your say by visiting by December 14.