Distraction led to fatal road accident

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A GRANDMOTHER died after a distraction caused her daughter’s car to stray on to the wrong side of the A134, an inquest heard.

Glynis Laidlaw, 62, of Hawthorn Walk, Thetford, died after a car driven by her daughter, Sarah Mann, was involved in a front on collision on the A134 in Barnham on October 27 2011.

Mrs Mann told police she was distracted by her mother who was sitting in the back seat of the car putting change in her purse immediately before the collision.

She said she remembered nothing after this until she came round to see her mother being administered CPR.

Mrs Laidlaw had spent the morning shopping in Bury St Edmunds with her daughter and grandchild.

Her daughter was driving her back to her home in Thetford when the accident occurred at 3.12pm.

Samantha Travers-Ashman, who was travelling in a queue of traffic behind Mrs Mann, told the inquest that she noticed Mrs Mann’s grey Polo come out of the row of traffic and travel across the white lines into the opposing lane before crashing into a Rover.

Evaldas Kazlawskas, the driver of the Rover, said that when he saw the Polo come towards him he veered to the left but was unable to avoid a collision. A police investigation found that if a driver failed to steer at a crucial point where the road bends to the right they would cross into the opposing lane.

Mrs Laidlaw’s son, Paul, described his mother as a ‘kind and generous’ person.

He said: “Everyone she knew only had good things to say of her and she would only have good words of others.

“She was the hub of our family and has left a huge hole in our lives.”

A police investigation revealed no faults with either car that could have contributed to the collision.

Assistant coroner Dan Sharpstone delivered a verdict of accidental death due to road traffic accident.