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Latest news from the Bury Free Press
Latest news from the Bury Free Press
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Local MPs chalked up £180,984 in expenses last year, according to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

The body, which was set up in the wake of the expenses scandal in 2009, revealed that Bury St Edmunds MP David Ruffley’s total spend for 2012/13 was £55,123.99.

This excludes a staffing payroll, which is for permanent employees, of £98,824.37.

His constituency office spend was £15,258.37 while accommodation spend was £8,062.99, travel £4,978.35 and staffing spend, which is for those on temporary contracts, was £26,824.28.

Mr Ruffley told the Bury Free Press that, out of all Suffolk MPs, he spent the least on non office accommodation - a rental on one property in his constituency.

He said that on average he had three permanent employees in 2012/13 at ‘any one time’.

Mr Ruffley noted that the figures including the staffing payroll showed he was the ‘second lowest claiming MP in Suffolk oiut of the seven MPs’.

West Suffolk MP Matthew Hancockhad a total spend of £45,693.39 excluding a staffing payroll of £121,272.56.

The figures include £17,800.64 for constituency office, £15,680.19 for accommodation, £4,543.25 for travel and £7,669.31 for staffing spend.

He said: ““I am a strong supporter of transparency, ensuring the money I spend in order to do my job representing the people of West Suffolk is clear to the public.

“It’s taxpayers’ money so it is vital that every penny is spent carefully and fully accounted for. The details are available on the Internet for everyone to see - and quite rightly so.”

South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss had a total spend of £27,353.73 excluding a staffing payroll of £111,771.31.

Her constituency office spend was £8,860.64, accommodation £7,028.71, travel £7,125.07 and staffing spend was £4,339.31.

She said: “All MPs incur expenses as a result of their work as a Member of Parliament. My own expenses are under the IPSA scheme and support my parliamentary and constituency work.”

Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP Dr Dan Poulter’s total spend was £52,813.76 excluding a staffing payroll of £123,213.63.

He spent £14,786.24 on his constituency office, £23,479.16 on accommodation, £10,588.36 on travel and £3,960 on staffing spend.

He employs his mother Carol as an office manager on a pay band of £35,000 to £39,999.