Diary PoW hid in a roof goes under the hammer in Stowmarket

Pages from the diary of Captain John Beverly Edge,
Pages from the diary of Captain John Beverly Edge,
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A prisoner of war’s diary that lay hidden in a prison camp roof for nearly 20 years will go for auction tomorrow.

It is part of Stowmarket auctioneers, Bishop & Miller first Military, Coins, Scientific, Maritime and Arms sale of 2017, starting at 9.30am.

Lot 514 is the diary of Captain John Beverly Edge of 67th Medium Regiment, Royal Artillery,who became an Italian prisoner 1942 at Campo Di Concentramento Fonte Dell Amore.

When in 1943 the Italians had an armistice with the Allies, Capt Beverly Edge and six officers, fearing transportation to Germany, hid in a roof for 19 days before escaping. Ironically, they were caught by the Germans and sent to Germany.

The diary, in a 1942 hymn book, was left in the roof until 1962 when Capt Beverly Edge managed to find it, exactly where he had hidden it.

The lot includes his PoW tag, photographs, supporting documents and a hand written recollection.

Oliver Miller, managing director, said: “The story that goes with this is just extraordinary.”