Details of new bus service

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MORETON HALL is to enjoy the truth of a popular saying about buses – ‘you can be waiting for ages then two come all at once’.

Stephensons of Essex registered a bus service for part of Moreton Hall, just days after Mulley’s released details of its comprehensive new service to the estate.

More details of the Stephensons service are now available. It is due to start on April 2 and is effectively an extension of its Breeze 3 route, which will operate once an hour around Moreton Hall.

The route will include Orttewell Road, Skyliner Way, Primack Road, Airfield Road, Mount Road and Tassell Road and will compete, in part, with Mulley’s M33 route, which will run from March 19.

Bill Hiron, managing director of Stephensons, said previously that the road layout of Moreton Hall would make it difficult to provide a cost-effective service.

Speaking this week, he said: “We have been able to combine the Moreton Hall service with an existing one, making it more cost-effective, and First will no longer be operating on the estate, meaning the likely passenger loads are higher.”