Decorative wrap for Cupola House

Cupola House
Cupola House
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Businesses have welcomed a new hoarding covering the scaffolding around Cupola House in Bury St Edmunds.

The building, which was destroyed in a fire on July 16, has been wrapped with material designed to look like the former Strada restaurant to improve the look of the area.

The street now features a walkthrough underneath the scaffolding, making businesses along the Traverse more accessible.

Trevor Barrett, co-owner of neighbouring Butterworths said: “For those customers who know we are here it is fine.

“But for those customers starting their exploration of Bury from that end of the town you cannot see down here.

“It looks better than it did - the building has to be repaired so we cannot expect much more.

“For lovers of scaffolding, it is a tragedy - for those who are not it looks a lot better.”

The decorative hoarding is expected to be in place until next April while work on the house continues.

David Clarke, project engineer for the rebuild, said the design had been created using old photographs of the building.

He said: “We had a graphic artist come up with the idea and then printers produced the fabric.

“It makes the look of the thing not as intrusive.

“We have tried to stop it looking quite so much like a disaster zone - it was based on photographs of Cupola House before the fire.”

Mark Cordell, Chief Executive of Bid4Bury said the fascia was good news for shops and businesses in the area.

He said: “What was most important was getting the walkthrough under the scaffolding.

“It is not quite as good as it was but you can walk through there now.

“Personally I think it looks really nice”

Shopper Barbara Donald said she thought the fascia was a big improvement.

She said: “I like it looks a lot more attractive - it was a lovely old building and needs to be rebuilt.

“It looks much better with the scaffolding hidden.”