Death of two men was ‘calculated execution’

Scene of double shooting at Willow Park, Beck Row.
Scene of double shooting at Willow Park, Beck Row.
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TWO men were executed as they set fire to caravans on a site at Beck Row, it has been claimed.

Both victims died from multiple shotgun wounds inflicted at close range and one was found inside a blazing car.

Yesterday, Ipswich Crown Court heard allegations that Christopher Line, 29, had lain in wait for the men with a cache of weapons.

Line, a landscape gardener of Willow Park, Beck Row, has pleaded not guilty to two charges of murder.

He is accused of killing David Castell, 29, and Shane Hill, 20, both from Southend, on March 15 last year.

Prosecuting, Karim Khalil QC told the jury that previously police had warned Line and another man living on the same plot that potential threats had been made to their lives.

Three days earlier, Line had called police to report disturbing several people trying to set fire to caravans at the site.

Mr Khalil said that on March 15 Line had made no attempt to contact police having previously said he could deal with the situation himself.

Emergency services were called to the caravan site after the body of Shane Hill was found near two burning caravans.

Police discovered the body of David Castell inside a burning car.

A post-mortem examination showed that Mr Hill had been shot at least six times from behind.

Mr Castell had been shot three or four times as he sat in the car.

Mr Khalil told the jury: “They amounted to a calculated execution.”

Earlier the same evening Mr Castell and Mr Hill had stopped at a filling station at Barton Mills and filled two cans with petrol.

They had with them a hand drawn map of Willow Park including a good spot for a look out which was where their burning car was found.

During an extensive search of Willow Park, police uncovered a cache of firearms and ammunition wrapped in a sack.

Line’s DNA was found on a shotgun which it is alleged was used to commit the murders, said Mr Khalil.

The court heard that Line had admitted carrying out a burglary in Peterborough in 2009 in which the same shotgun was stolen.

Mr Khalil said Line had declined to answer any police questions when he was interviewed.

The trial continues.