Date set for parish poll on energy plant plans

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A DATE has been set for a parish poll which could influence plans to build a bio-power plant.

Feltwell residents will go to the ballot box on April 12 to answer: ‘Should the parish lease land to Regbio for the building of a bio-power plant?’

The poll was called for at a parish council meeting on March 9 and is set to cost £2,000.

Vanessa Cock, a campaigner against the plans, said she hoped the parish council would heed the poll’s outcome - despite it not being legally binding.

“I would hope they go with what the public want but even if they don’t it will give the planning authority a good idea of what we think,” she said.

Paul Garland, chairman of the council, said: “I urge all those eligible to vote in the Parish Poll to turn out and do so.

“The only thing I ask is that everyone voting makes their decision on an informed and factual basis and not one based upon tittle-tattle and speculation.”

Residents had campaigned against the plans, drawing up a 650-signature petition. The petition was defaced by a councillor, Peter Cooper, who scrawled the word ‘Luddite’ on the document.

Polling stations will be at the Methodist Church Hall on Bell Street and Southery Village Hall on Recreation Drive, Southery.

Each station will be open from 4pm to 9pm, during which registered local government voters of the parish will be able to vote.

The vote will be totted up at the Methodist Church Hall with a decision expected for 9.30pm.