Dashing through the forest as husky racing descends on Elveden

Husky racing in Thetford Forest.
Husky racing in Thetford Forest.
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Scores of Huskies and their owners dashed through Elveden Forest as part of a series of races held across the country.

One hundred and fifteen teams took part in the weekend event - organised by Sally Leich and Ali Koops for The British Siberian Husky Racing Association.

It was the third in eight weekends of racing. The longest race at Elveden was four miles for six dog teams.

Ms Leich said: “People and their dogs enjoy it and it’s a hobby. It’s nice to be able to do something active with a working breed.”

The event attracted entries from around the country including Scotland, Cornwall and Wales.

For the six dog class, 21 teams entered with Sally Leich winning.

Marina McLean triumphed in the four dog class out of 26 teams.

Thirty three teams took part in the three dog class with Julie Collins as the winner.

In the two dog class, 22 teams took part with Tim Hart winning.