Dance craze opens to children in Bury St Edmunds

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Dance instructor Joanna Brown is introducing ZumbAtomic to Bury St Edmunds in an effort to keep kids aged four-12 active after school.

Taking inspiration from the adult dance craze Zumba, ZumbAtomic sessions are structured specifically for children.

They consist of specially choreographed routines to the latest music and have been proved to help increase focus, self-confidence, boost metabolism and improve co-ordination.

Joanna, from Bury, said: “With the popularity and success of Zumba getting adults to exercise in a fun and social way, many parents asked me if there was a class for their children and so, with the release of ZumbAtomic, it was perfect timing.”

She has already started running sessions in Thurston that are proving popular but, to make it more accessible to Bury residents, she has decided to introduce classes at CurveMotion, in Bury, on Monday afternoons.

For details of the ZumbAtomic classes, go to or