Dad thanks West Suffolk Hospital staff by writing book

Mum Phina, son Arthur and proud dad, Sam
Mum Phina, son Arthur and proud dad, Sam
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An inspired dad has written a book to say ‘thank you’ to hospital staff for caring for his partner.

Sam Booty, 22, wrote his novella, From A Man’s Point of View, following the birth of his first son, Arthur, at West Suffolk Hospital, on January 22 this year.

Sam Booty and son Arthur

Sam Booty and son Arthur

His partner, Phina, 18, suffered two second degree tears during the her labour which led to her losing 2.8 litres of blood.

The budding author wrote his book to say thank you to hospital staff and to share his experience with other young parents, from a man’s point of view.

“I think I went through every single human emotion, from the joy of being handed the baby to then learning that Phina needed emergency surgery and blood transfusions,’ said Sam, a care support worker.

“It was rollercoaster of joy and anxiety and I was just so grateful to the hospital staff for the care my partner received. They were amazing

“It still scares me even now to think that had this happened 50 years ago, I would most likely now be a single father.”

Baby Arthur was born weighing 9lbs.

Phina’s labour lasted 24 hours in total and she returned home after five days.

“I had the idea to write a book after chatting to someone outside the hospital,” said Sam.

“He asked: ‘how did it go?’, so I told him about what had happened and he suggested I write in, as I said wanted to say thanks.

“I spotted his name tag, which stated ‘CEO’, so I thought I’d go one better, and write a whole book.”

From a Man’s Point of View is 24 pages long and available on Amazon.

Sam hopes to donate some of the profits to the hospital.