Woman’s attack left her friend with bald patch

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A MUM beat up a friend who had been looking after her children – pulling her hair so hard it gave her a bald patch, a court has heard.

Catherine O’Leary, 29, of Hurstlea Road, Needham Market, attacked Arraby Sharpe on March 29 after spending the day drinking, Bury St Edmunds magistrates were told on Friday.

O’Leary admitted a charge of assault causing actual bodily harm.

Prosecutor Wayne Ablett said O’Leary arrived at Mrs Sharpe’s house at 11am and asked whether her friend wanted to go to the pub.

Mrs Sharpe suspected her friend had already been drinking and declined, saying ‘it was too early’.

The pair went to a pub in town in the afternoon and consumed a pint and a half of beer each. They then walked home, buying a bottle of rosé on the way back, said Mr Ablett.

Around 3.15pm, Mrs Sharpe offered to walk to the school to pick up their children as she thought her friend may have had too much to drink.

She walked to the school and picked up the children and took them back to her house.

O’Leary returned to Mrs Sharpe’s house later in a rage and banged on the door demanding to know where her children were.

Mr Ablett said: “As soon as the door was opened she lunged towards her, pulling her hair and slamming her to the ground. The children were present and watching what was happening.

“Miss Sharp said she was crying and said ‘not in front of the children’.

“She also said that the defendant bit her. Eventually, a friend and neighbour came round and pulled the defendant from the scene.

“Miss Sharpe said she is very upset by the incident. She received bruising to her knees and legs and has a bald patch.”

Representing O’Leary, Paul Booty said his client suffered with some mental health problems.

“She has been extremely foolish and extremely stupid and has lost friends as a result of too much alcohol,” he said.

Sentencing was adjourned until May 3 for reports to be made on O’Leary.