Woman guilty of harassing elderly neighbours

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A WOMAN who twice exposed herself to an elderly neighbour and called him a ‘dirty old man’ has been found guilty of harassment.

Susan Daly, 56, from Churchill Close, Lawshall, was found guilty of harassment without violence at a trial at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ court on Tuesday. Daly denied the charge.

Daly and her neighbours David and Dorothy Griggs had a good relationship in the months leading up to the incidents, the couple even invited Daly over to their home on Boxing Day.

But trouble began in May when Daly woke up her neighbours by banging her wheelie bin lids early in the morning. Mr Griggs said when he went to confront Daly about the noise, she swore at him and told him to leave.

A day later, Mr and Mrs Griggs received a letter from Daly saying she was sorry but that she no longer wanted any contact with the couple.

But tensions rose between the neighbours culminating in Daly, on June 2, pulling up her T-shirt to expose her breasts to Mr Griggs.

He said: “She put one hand each side of her T-shirt and exposed her breasts.

“I was shocked and disgusted that someone would do that to me.”

On June 8 she exposed herself again, this time as Mr Griggs was doing the washing up.

On July 14, as Mr Griggs was walking towards his home, when Daly opened her door and yelled ‘Don’t look in my bungalow you dirty old man’.

Giving the guilty verdict, Chairman David Dean said neighbourly disputes were rarely black and white but accepted that Daly’s behaviour did amount to harassment.

Daly was given a 12-month conditional discharge, ordered to pay £500 in court costs plus £50 for an unpaid parking ticket and received a restraining order prohibiting her from using threatening, abusive or insulting words towards Mr and Mrs Griggs.