Victim: ‘Vandals deserve karma’

Paint thrown over the rear of a property in Clare Close, Mildenhall.
Paint thrown over the rear of a property in Clare Close, Mildenhall.
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VANDALS who daubed stolen paint over a house deserve ‘a bit of karma’, according to the man who looks after the property.

Between 2pm last Wednesday and 4pm the following day, offenders took cans of paint from a shed in a rear garden on Clare Close before throwing it over the walls, windows and patio of the house.

Robert Redman, who maintains the property on behalf of the landlord, said the ‘mindless’ act had caused hundreds of pounds of damage.

“Whoever did this is somebody who doesn’t respect other people’s property and hopefully something like this happens to them if and when they own a house. It would be nice for karma to come back and get them,” he said.

Although the property is currently unoccupied, Mr Redman said that when he first saw the damage, it was during a showing to a potential new tenant.

He said: “The guy was going to take it but changed his mind. You have to think that it must have been because of the vandalism. Now it’ll just stay empty till we can get someone in.”

The damage included wasting around £100 of paint, and Mr Redman said the labour to clean it up was in the region of £150.

The vandals also caused damage to a garden gate when they forced entry to the property. The wooden shed was insecure

Mildenhall Police are now looking for information into the incident.

Anyone with information should contact Suffolk Police on 101.