Unruly defendants empty magistrates’ courtroom

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A COURTROOM was emptied on Tuesday and police called in after two brothers standing in the dock became verbally abusive to the judge and disrupted court proceedings.

Michael Robert Baker, 26, of Northgate Street, Bury St Edmunds, and Simon John Baker, 26, of Denham Close, Bury, appeared at Bury Magistrates’ Court to answer a charge of making off without payment.

Both initially denied the charge and became unruly when district judge David Cooper set the matter back, using offensive language and making threats against him.

The pair could not be calmed by staff and court proceedings were brought to a complete standstill.

The judge eventually left the courtroom, followed soon after by probation officials, press representatives and lawyers.

Security remained and at around 3.10pm police were called to assist with the situation.

The court house was busy and the rowdy duo were heard by many defendants waiting for their cases to be heard.

The Baker brothers, who had chosen to be unrepresented in court, were taken to the cells where they spoke to a lawyer.

Court resumed and they returned to apologise to the judge for their bad language and behaviour.

They then pleaded guilty to entering Giraffe on May 23, eating and drinking to the value of £169.40 and leaving without paying.

Simon Baker also admitted racking up a bill of £147 in Frankie and Bennys on January 4 and making off without paying.

Dean Mario Ibbs, 44, of Wollaston Close, Bury, also appeared with the Bakers and pleaded guilty to the offence in Giraffe on May 23.

Ibbs was conditionally discharged for 12 months while the Baker brothers were conditionally discharged for 18 months.

All three were ordered to pay £56.40 in compensation to Giraffe and £85 in costs.

Simon Baker was also ordered to pay £147 in compensation to Frankie and Bennys.

A police spokeswoman said the court had dealt with the altercation and there would be no further police action.