Trial begins after club violence

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A MAN suffered severe damage to his teeth in an ‘unprovoked’ violent nightclub attack, a court has been told.

Stephen Murphy suffered broken teeth and facial injuries after the incident in Jokers Nightclub, in Stowmarket, on December 19 last year.

On Wednesday, Adam Ward, of Cardinals Road, Stowmarket, went on trial accused of assault causing actual bodily harm at Ipswich Crown Court.

The 28-year-old pleaded not guilty and claims he was acting in self-defence. He is expected to give evidence later in the trial.

Mr Murphy, who had been drinking at a Christmas party before going to Jokers, told the court he was standing at the bar when he felt something hit him on the back of the head and as he turned around he was struck several times in the face.

Giving evidence, he said that shortly before the incident he had noticed a man staring at him as he spoke to a woman.

He told the jury: “I thought he thought I was trying to hit on her.

“I said to him ‘I’m not trying to chat up your missus’ because he was looking at me quite threateningly. I pointed out that my missus was sitting just behind us.”

The incident was partly recorded on CCTV. Mr Murphy suffered broken teeth, a cut lip, swollen nose, bruises and abrasions.

Mr Murphy, who has diabetes, believes he lost consciousness and remembers waking up crouched against a wall after a door supervisor dragged him out of the nightclub.

Later that day he began to shake and was repeatedly sick. He was unable to drink or eat which was a concern because of his diabetes.

He said he was treated at West Suffolk Hospital and was prescribed morphine for the pain. His dentist has estimated £2,500 to repair his broken teeth which were a result of the attack.

Ward denied punching Mr Murphy more than once.

The trial continues.