Trail of blood helps trap binge burglar

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A MAN who burgled two houses while on a drink and cannabis binge has been jailed for three years.

Michael Longden, 32, was caught because of a trail of blood he left behind at the scene of one break-in and a fingerprint at another, Ipswich Crown Court heard on Wednesday.

Longden admitted two offences of burglary and two of handling stolen property. He left a single fingerprint at the scene of a burglarly in Horringer Road in Bury St Edmunds back in April 13.

A week later Longden burgled a ground floor flat in Barnwell Road, Bury, leaving behind a trail of blood from which police were able to identify him. He stole jewellery, a mobile phone and medication valued at £150.

The court heard that Longden, formerly of Tayfen Road, Bury and now of no fixed address, was found by police to be in possession of stolen property, including two Satnavs, a laptop computer, phone, bag and silver bracelet worth £1,800 stolen in a burglary in Whiting Street.

Quentin Newcomb, in mitigation, said Longden regretted his actions and although he has an “incredibly poor” criminal record, had been making efforts to tackle his drug issues and while in prison had undergone testing which showed him to be clean of any illegal substance.