Thousands of drivers caught speeding in Norfolk and Suffolk

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Almost 2,800 motorists were caught speeding in Norfolk and Suffolk during a week-long enforcement campaign.

During the campaign, which ran from April 15-21, a total of 2,773 drivers were caught speeding - 1,228 in Suffolk and 1,545 in Norfolk.

Of those, 571 were caught by fixed cameras - 93 in Suffolk and 473 in Norfolk - and 2,202 were caught by police officers on patrol or mobile cameras - 1,130 in Suffolk and 1,072 in Norfolk.

Officers from the joint Roads Policing Unit and vans from Suffolk SafeCam and the Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership were used to increase checks and enforcement during the campaign, led by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL).

Chief Inspector Chris Spinks said: “Speeding is one of the ‘Fatal Four’ driving offences alongside drink driving, using a mobile phone and seat belt offences. We concentrate on tackling these all year round, but the TISPOL week of action is a good way to focus attention on speeding and the risks you take when you go over the limit. It is as simple as speeding makes you more likely to have a collision, which can cause damage, expense, injury or ultimately the loss of life.

“There is never an excuse to speed and all of those stopped will have been spoken to about their driving behaviour. Some have received a Fixed Penalty Notice or, if they were driving excessively over the limit, they will be considered for prosecution at court.

“It’s as much about educating drivers as it is enforcement and those drivers who were only slightly over the speed limit, have a clean licence and have not received a fine in the last three years have been offered the chance to complete a speed awareness course instead of getting points. These courses prove very effective in making drivers conscious of their speed and they will also pass the message to other friends and relatives.

“However, some people continue to think speeding is acceptable and so we will carry on our work to make Norfolk and Suffolk’s roads safer.”