Thieves target Christmas lights

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THIEVES stole decorations from the front gardens of four family homes.

Houses in Church Road and Beeches Road, in West Row, were targeted, when thieves stole a 6ft artificial tree with lights from one and lights in the shape of Father Christmas flying a plane from the other. In St John’s Street, Beck Row, lights in the shape of four reindeer and a sleigh were stolen, while lights in the shape of a Santa and his reindeer were stolen from a property in Field Road, Mildenhall.

All the thefts took place between Sunday and Monday night.

Gail Hurst, 43, was at home at about midnight on Monday when the cable to her Christmas lights was cut and her electrics went out.

Her husband saw a car ‘skidding off down the road’ and discovered their biggest, most impressive Christmas lights had been stolen.

The couple, who have three foster children aged from nine to 15, now have a large green patch on an otherwise snow-filled lawn.

Gail said: “I was really gutted because I knew the children would be upset. We go to such an effort to make sure that those kids have a good time – we try to teach them right from wrong and then someone goes and does that. We had to explain that there’s some nasty people out there who don’t care who they take from.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.