Teen’s ‘riot’ call ends up in court

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A TEENAGER from a West Suffolk village appeared in court yesterday after posting an online ‘riot’ message.

He was charged with sending by public communication network an offensive indecent or menacing message.

He admitted the charge, which was committed on Tuesday, in which he incited a disorder offence by using an internet social networking website to suggest people should ‘riot’.

Sarah-Jane Atkins, prosecuting, said: “I am told it was posted in such a manner that only his friends could have seen it.

“Having seen the message, within minutes his friends were condemning the words he had posted and telling him what a poor opinion they now have of him.”

The teenager then admitted on a later message that it had been a foolish thing to have done.

David Stewart, on behalf of the teenager, said his client realised how foolish he had been. “His friends have a very poor opinion of him and he has a very poor opinion of himself.”

West Suffolk magistrates remanded him on unconditional bail until Wednesday.