Speed cameras are switched off

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ALL of Suffolk’s fixed point speed cameras were switched off on July 1 due to lack of funding.

After Suffolk County Council voted to leave the SafeCam partnership, Suffolk Police took control of running the mobile cameras in the area.

But all fixed speed cameras in the county, including sites in Brandon, Haughley, Earl Stonham and Coddenham, have had to be shut down because the police do not have enough money to keep them operational.

A police spokesman said reduction in speeding remained a high priority.

He said: “Suffolk County Council took the decision to decommission the fixed speed cameras on Friday July 1 due to cost-cutting reasons. The fixed camera sites in Suffolk were not taken over by police due the cost of their maintenance and, as a result, these enforcement cameras are currently inactive.

“However, a reduction in speeding remains one of our main priorities and we continue to deploy mobile speed cameras to hotspots throughout the county, including in the vicinity of the static camera sites.

“We also have road policing officers with mobile speed detection devices and Community Speed Watch groups acting as a deterrent to anyone who thinks they can speed on our roads.

“The development of SafeCam will be discussed at the Suffolk Police Authority meeting on July 22 and a meeting will be sought with Suffolk County Council representatives before that date to discuss SafeCam structures.”