Scrap metal theft leads to court

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A MAN who took scrap metal from a skip at British Sugar in Bury St Edmunds has been prosecuted for theft.

Police spotted Roger Grosser’s vehicle and trailer parked next to the fence of British Sugar at about 6.20pm on January 3.

The 54-year-old told police that his vehicle had simply broken down but officers, suspicious after spotting a metal refrigerator, piping and poles in Grosser’s trailer, tried the vehicle and managed to start it first time.

Grosser, of Hillside, Stowmarket, pleaded guilty to theft and possession of a lock knife when he appeared before Bury magistrates on Thursday.

Wayne Ablett, prosecuting, said Grosser had also handed over a knife to police saying: “I want you to have that so you know I have no intention of using it.”

In interview, Grosser said he committed the theft on the spur of the moment.

The court heard Grosser is on incapacity benefit and industrial injury benefit following an accident as a baker in 1989.

Lyndon Davies, representing Grosser, said: “He was driving along the road and saw the skip of metal and he thought ‘it is going to be thrown away, I will see if there is anything worth taking’.”

He added that Grosser had been hunting earlier that day and had forgotten to take the knife out of his pocket.

Grosser was sentenced to an eight-week community order and curfew. His knife will be forfeited and he was ordered to pay £85 costs.