Schools get smart to theft

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SCHOOLS across Mid Suffolk have wised up to the threat of crime and have joined with the police to protect themselves against theft.

Safer Neighbourhood Teams from Mid Suffolk South, Mid Suffolk North, Mid Suffolk Central and Stowmarket are visiting schools in their areas to introduce them to SmartWater, a colourless, odourless liquid that forensically links burglars to crime scenes and stolen property.

Most items in the schools, from computers to roofing lead, can be marked with the special solution which bears a chemical code that is unique, permanent and can be traced back to the school. Buildings can also have spray systems installed, marking intruders invisibly. The liquid is almost impossible to remove and can be detected by ultraviolet lights.

Stonham Aspal Primary School has received its SmartWater kit and head teacher Paul Hesketh said: “It will hopefully deter criminals from targeting our school, as paying for the repairs from the previous break-in comes straight out of our budget, which means less money available to be spent on the pupils.”