Residents put police at top of rankings

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SUFFOLK residents’ perception of anti-social behaviour (ASB) is the second lowest in the country – despite a rise in serious crimes.

The British Crime Survey (BCS) has released figures that show that just 6 per cent of people in the county feel there is a high level of ASB in their area.

That low figure makes Suffolk Police the number one in England in the BCS rankings. Only Dyfed-Powys ranks higher in the UK.

The news comes just a week after the county’s police announced that crime was at its lowest level for a decade, but that rates of robbery, violence and burglary had risen.

Assistant Chief Constable Paul Marshall said: “The perceptions of our residents are very important to us.

“With crime at its lowest for a decade it is easy to say that the county is safe, but we want people to feel safe and feel that we are doing a good job as well.

“We are working hard during difficult financial times to ensure that frontline policing and public confidence are not affected and its is pleasing to see the public responding to these efforts.”

The BCS survey also puts Suffolk at number one in relation to its residents’ perception of drug use or dealing in the county, with 14 per cent thinking it was a fairly/very big problem.

When asked if their local police dealt with the things that matter, 60 per cent strongly agreed or tended to agree. Suffolk was placed 11th in England and Wales in that category.

On the question of whether or not local police and councils are dealing with ASB and crime issues that matter in Suffolk, 55 per cent said they strongly agree or tend to agree, placing Suffolk in eighth.

Suffolk Police reported last week that crime had dropped by 5 per cent last year.