Police target Booze

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POLICE have promised to crack down on drink-fuelled disorder in Thetford after seizing booze from more than 50 people.

Thetford Safer Neighbourhood Team has confiscated alcohol from 57 people, two have been arrested for drunken behaviour and two on-the-spot fines have been issued for urinating in public in the last three months.

And in a meeting of the Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel (Snap) last Thursday, police announced that targeting anti-social behaviour caused by drink would continue to be a priority in the coming months.

Sgt Steve Burke said the crackdown was a response to public fears.

“Street drinking has been dealt with by police as a priority issue in the town after concerns were raised. Alcohol was seized by officers and PCSOs under the Designated Public Place Order which exists in the town to help prevent alcohol-related anti-social behaviour and violence.

“The recent results have been welcomed and, by agreement with local residents, we will continue to focus on this issue and deal with the displacement of street drinking to other parts of the town,” he said.

Police will focus their attention on the Painter Street, Old Croxton Road, Butten Island and Spring Walk areas.

Updates were also given on two other priority issues at the meeting.

A focus on cycle safety in the town had led to a number of fines being issued for cycling without lights or inconsiderate cycling in pedestrian areas.

Nine youths under the age of 16 were given warnings as they are too young to be fined.

Police also security marked 91 bicycles, designed to deter thieves and enable the speedy identification of any recovered cycles. This work will continue for another three months.

Speeding motorists were targeted in Bury Road, Croxton Road and Station Road with 44 being stopped, resulting in one fine. A tour of local schools was also undertaken, with officers giving road safety advice to students.

The final priority agreed upon was to deal with moped safety in the town, a proposal made by Thetford Youth Council.

To raise an issue with local police go to www.norfolk.police.uk or call 0845 456 4567.