Police shut down illegal forest rave

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MORE than 200 ravers have left a trail of litter and damage after an illegal event last weekend.

Norfolk Police seized sound equipment and made four drug-related arrests just before 7am on Sunday at the rave near the Lynford crossroads in Thetford Forest.

Roger Woods, spokesman for Forestry Commission, said the trespassers had left forestry staff with a bill for hundreds of pounds in repairs.

“The bottom line is that the rubbish that’s left has to be dealt with by our team or by contractors and that will cost us money.

“These kind of events cause us a lot of disruption and we are left with the clean-up,” he said.

Mr Woods said the trespassers had also damaged barriers on the site, either by using bolt cutters or by taking them off their hinges.

Several gas canisters, believed to have held helium, were also found at the site.

Norfolk Police intervened when some of the ravers attempted to flee the site. Three were arrested for possession of drugs with intent to supply and one person was arrested for possession of drugs.

Two vans containing sound equipment were confiscated and several other drivers are likely to be prosecuted for driving offences, according to a police spokesman.

Superintendent Paul Sanford said: “Events such as these will not be tolerated in the county. We will continue to take positive action whenever possible when future unlicensed music events take place.”

Norfolk Police have reiterated an appeal to landowners and the general public to remain vigilant and immediately report any trespassing by people who may be intent on holding a rave.

Anyone who has information about an illegal rave or witnesses suspicious activity should contact Norfolk Police on 0845 456 4567 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.