Police launch Christmas drink drive campaign

Close up of a police breathalyser
Close up of a police breathalyser
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Norfolk and Suffolk Police launched their Christmas drink drive campaign yesterday using the slogan ‘drink driving is not worth the risk’.

The month-long operation, aimed at catching people driving under the influence of drink or drugs will see officers carrying out extra patrols and roadside checks.

All motorists who are stopped due to concerns over the manner of their driving, a vehicle defect or because they have been involved in a collision will be breathalysed.

During last year’s campaign 3,349 people were tested with 262 drivers giving positive readings in total for both counties – 90 of 1,429 in Norfolk and 172 of 1,920 in Suffolk.

Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner Lorne Green said: “Put quite simply, drink drive and you risk killing yourself, your passengers and other road users. There’s no excuse for it.”

Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore said: “Every Christmas our message is the same, let’s hope this year drivers take heed. It beggars belief that despite the obvious dangers, too many drivers still take to the road under the influence of alcohol or drugs particularly at Christmas.

“All drivers need to understand that drink driving risks lives and the lives of others, it is grossly irresponsible and selfish.

“I fully support the constabulary’s campaign to increase the use of the breathalyser over the next month.

“Too many people lose their lives on our roads and that’s why we have invested in extra roads policing – we’re doing all we can to keep our roads safe, we need everyone out on our county’s road to do the same.”