Police issue 50 tickets in blitz on town’s road

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POLICE issued 50 fixed penalty notices to motorists in Bury St Edmunds last Thursday during a major crackdown on driving offences.

Working together, officers from Safer Neighbourhood Teams, the Roads Police Unit and the Special Constabulary targeted parking offences, use of restricted roads and speeding.

Illegal number plates and no MoTs were among offences punished, with one car seized and two drivers due to appear in court.

The operation continued into the night when officers, using CCTV to monitor traffic movement, were on the lookout for illegally modified vehicles, with a focus on the town’s Buttermarket and Cattlemarket car parks.

Sgt Davy Hill said: “The operation was a big success and gave us the opportunity to send out a strong message that such offences on the road will not be tolerated.

“We receive regular reports from members of the public that illegal parking is an issue in the town and many people are concerned about modified vehicles, too.

“As a result, this remains a priority for us and officers from both Bury Central and Bury East/West SNTs will keep a focus on these issues – we will also be holding similar days of action in the future.”

Tickets issued included 20 for vehicles parked in no waiting zones, three for limited waiting zones, one for causing an unnecessary obstruction and 10 for using prohibited roads.

Two were issued to drivers using mobile phones, six for not wearing seatbelts, three for no MoT, two for illegal number plates and one for failing to display a valid tax disc.

Two drivers of modified cars received tickets for having illegal window tints.

One driver had their vehicle seized and was reported for court summons for driving without a licence and having no insurance.

Another will attend court for having four illegal tyres.