Police expand drug testing pilot

Supt Jon Dodman of Suffolk Police
Supt Jon Dodman of Suffolk Police
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Drug testing on arrest by Suffolk Police is being extended to Bury St Edmunds.

The scheme piloted at Martlesham Police Investigation Centre since August 2012 was introduced at Bury PiC from Monday.

The aim is to identify users of Class A drugs heroin and cocaine who commit crimes to fund their drugs use.

Using a mouth swap from adults arrested or charged with any trigger offences it will quickly alert police to the potential for drug offending.

The DTOA aims to prevent the cycle of drug use and crime and involves criminal justice and drug treatment providers working together to find solutions for adults.

More than 1,900 detainees have been tested at Martlesham with some 450 confirmed as positive who were referred for further assessment

Supt Jon Dodman said: “This scheme is an excellent example of pro-active work being undertaken to take measures to steer offenders away from drug use and therefore away from associated crime.

“If we can intervene at the arrest stage by testing them and directing them towards appropriate treatment we are not only attempting to steer them away from this dangerous lifestyle but also removing a huge strain from public health and police resources,”