Police crack down on egg-throwers

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MOTORISTS and home-owners on Moreton Hall have spoken out about their anger at being targeted by ‘irresponsible’ egg-throwing vandals.

Since February, six cars have had eggs thrown at them while travelling along Orttewell Road and Barton Road. Each of the incidents took place at night, between 10.30pm and 1.30am.

Eggs have also been thrown at houses in Wagtail Drive, Kingfisher Road, Jermyn Avenue and Violet Close.

One victim, who did not want to be named, was driving down Orttewell Road on her way home when she ‘heard this almighty bang’.

“I thought the window had smashed because I couldn’t see anything - all I could do was slam my foot on the brake, I could have ended up crashing my car,” she said.

When Joyce Brown’s house was struck by vandals, she was resting after a day spent in hospital receiving chemotherapy treatment. Despite being ‘very sick’, she forced herself to go outside to clean up the egg yolk before it dried on to the side of her house.

“I didn’t need that on that particular evening,” she said.

But the youth who targeted her house was caught by PCSO Emma Stacey, from the Bury East/West Safer Neighbourhood Team, and he wrote a ‘very apologetic’ and ‘sincere’ letter to Mrs Brown.

“I don’t mind kids being kids but when it’s aggressive and destructive and intimidating then I think some how helping them to think about what they’re doing and change their behaviour is important,” she said.

PCSO Stacey said: “The incidents involving eggs being thrown at cars had the potential to cause a road traffic collision and in turn serious injury or damage - it’s fortunate that no-one was hurt.

“Such behaviour is extremely irresponsible - throwing any item into traffic puts lives at risk and anyone found to be doing so will be firmly dealt with.

“This type of anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.”

Anyone with information should call 01284 774100 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.