Police authority bosses’ salaries above average

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SUFFOLK and Norfolk Police Authorities pay their chief executives above the national average for the job.

Figures released on Wednesday by the Taxpayers’ Alliance says that in 2009/10 the Suffolk authority’s chief executive Chris Jackson was paid £9,000 above average, at £99,000.

The alliance claims Norfolk authority’s chief executive Chris Harding received £123,762. But the authority’s accounts say he was paid £122,421 – still the third highest after his equivalents on the Metropolitan and Cleveland authorities.

With pension payments their remuneration is 12 per cent of each authority’s budget.

Police authorities are responsible for overseeing the way forces are run and are being replaced with elected commissioners. Nationally, their chief executives salaries ranged from Cleveland’s £163,011, or 14 per cent of the budget with pension, to £35,000 in Greater Manchester, less than a third of Mr Harding’s salary.

But in spite of chief executives’ salaries, Norfolk’s and Suffolk’s budgets are below average.

Suffolk’s members’ allowances are £196,800 when the average is £241,710 and its total budget of £978,700 is £686,935 below. It also employs only eight staff where the average is 13. Norfolk’s members’ allowances and total budget are £228,191 and £1,188,658 respectively. Alliance figures show 11 staff, but the authority says it has 8.5 full time equivalents.

The Norfolk Authority’s chairman Stephen Betts said: “I and my members are well supported in discharging a wide range of duties by a quality staff led by a quality chief executive. We are a highly engaged police authority and the performance of the force reflects our attention to those duties. We regularly monitor staff performance.”

Suffolk’s authority confirmed the figures were correct but declined to comment.