Ocean’s 11-style raid on tyre dealer

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AUDACIOUS would-be thieves broke into a tyre dealers on Tuesday by tunnelling through the wall of a neighbouring building in an Ocean’s 11-style raid.

However, the alarm at ATS Euromaster, in Bury St Edmunds, went off as soon as they had knocked through the wall and they fled without taking a thing.

Intruders kicked open the back door of the neighbouring Service for Business printing press on Ailwin Road and then smashed a hole in the eight inch thick concrete wall large enough for someone to squeeze through.

The raid is thought to have occurred at about 1.30am but there are suspicions that they had researched the building before the break-in. Workers had been called to the press the night before as the alarm had gone off and, unknown to them at the time, had been disabled.

A hole was also made in the tyre dealer’s roof big enough for someone’s head to fit through.

It is thought the thieves went specifically for the tyres as none of the printing press equipment had been taken.

Mark Tait, manager of ATS Euromaster, said: “When the alarm went off they must have done a runner. It looks like they got in next door by kicking the back door in and then knocked a hole big enough for someone to squeeze through. They have bashed their way through eight inches of concrete to get in.”

Andrew Akehurst, who works at the printing press, said: “We had got a call the night before that our alarm had gone off. It goes off from time to time so we thought nothing of it – but someone had disabled it.

“I saw that they had even made a hole in the roof, it reminds me of the film Oceans 11. I am struck by the audacity of it, to chip away at the wall of one property to gain access to another. To me it looks like it is a very professional job.”

If you have any information about the break-in call Pc Emma Bartle on 01284 774100.