Man told victim: ‘i Will kill you’

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AN OBSESSIVE illegal immigrant told a woman who spurned his advances that her life was ‘finished’, a court heard.

Ali Sourani, 28, of Raingate Street, Bury St Edmunds, made a range of threats to Makbule Orhun, 31, before starting two fires at her house in Mildenhall.

Sourani’s threats included text messages telling Ms Orhun: “It’s me or no-one. I will kill you.”

He also doctored photographs to make it appear that he and his victim were a couple before posting them on Facebook.

Last Friday’s hearing at Ipswich Crown Court saw Sourani jailed for two years after he pleaded guilty to arson and harassment putting a person in fear of violence.

Patricia Doggett, prosecuting, told the court that Sourani had arrived illegally in the UK from Iran in 2006 and had begun working at a café in Mildenhall.

Ms Orhun, who also worked at the café, rented out rooms at her house in Selwyn Close, Mildenhall, to co-workers.

Unknown to her, a tenant had sub-let a room to Sourani.

Sourani was arrested in March after smashing a light on Ms Orhun’s car – an offence which led to him being told to stay away from Ms Orhun while an investigation was carried out.

But he continued to harass Ms Orhun, starting two fires in her home, causing £500 of damage and daubing threatening messages in paint on her windows.

One read: “I’m warning you. Your life finished now. You have to marry me.”

Another said: “Darling I love you.”

Sourani also damaged a £1,000 laptop during one incident.

Greg Perrins, in mitigation, said Sourani had no history of behaviour of this type and had previously had functional relationships.

He said Sourani had lost his accommodation and that his father had died a month before the incidents took place.

Jailing Sourani for one year for each charge to run consecutively, Judge Peter Fenn said he had made Ms Orhun’s life ‘a misery’.

Sourani’s prison term will be reduced by the 105 days he has spent on remand.