Man loses sentence appeal

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A MURDERER who stabbed his friend to death in a row over cannabis has had his appeal quashed.

Ryan Jason Bowers, 20, of Ely Way, in Thetford, killed Anthony Adams on June 5 last year and last Thursday had his 20 year sentence upheld.

The incident took place after Bowers stole cannabis from Mr Adams. When he refused to return the drugs, Mr Adams went to Bowers’ home with two other youths and a rounders bat and threatened to kill him, according to Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge at the Court of Appeal.

After calling a friend to help, Bowers picked up two kitchen knives and went outside. In a skirmish with Adams, Bowers stabbed his victim in the chest and abdomen.

Bowers gave himself up to police after being persuaded to by his parents.

At the appeal court, lawyers argued that Bowers had reacted after facing an attack on his parents’ home and that his sentence was excessive.

Lord Judge said: “Bowers could have remained inside the family home when threatened by Adams, but instead he armed himself with two knives, opened the door and pursued Adams into the street.”