Man hit out ‘after years of abuse’

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A MAN from Stowupland has appeared in court for assaulting his mother after years of ‘abuse suffered at the hands of his parents’.

Ashley Kerridge, of Gipping Road, Stowupland, pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting his mother, and one charge of criminal damage, at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Nikki Miller, prosecuting, said the incidents happened at his parents’ Ringshall home in October. Kerridge ‘launched’ into a rant at his mother, grabbed her and pushed her over and then threw a plant pot which smashed, she said.

Mrs Miller told the court how, on a separate occasion, Kerridge hit his mother and threatened to drown her.

Kerridge, 23, was given a conditional discharge for one year, made subject to a restraining order for one year and ordered to pay costs of £85, after Judge David Cooper heard his ‘extraordinary’ story.

Paul Booty, in mitigation, said that Kerridge, who had suffered depression since the age of 16 and tried to kill himself four years ago, had been subject to years of abuse by his ‘mean’ and ‘spiteful’ parents.

In a letter read out to the court, Kerridge’s sister explained how their parents had isolated them as youngsters, ‘played mind games’ with them and ‘pushed him to try to take his own life’. As children, they were not allowed hot water or lights, they were left hungry and food cupboards were locked, the court heard.

Mr Booty described Kerridge’s ‘desperate situation’ after years of ‘abuse suffered at the hands of his parents’, but also said the ‘hard working’ farmhand had raised £45,000 in three years to buy his own house.

“These incidents happened when he was trying to move out,” said Mr Booty. Kerridge lost his temper after documents went missing, the court heard.

Judge Cooper said: “It’s an extraordinary story, I have never heard anything like it.

“It sounds like something out of Dickens.”