Man hands over £1 after his £71,400 crime spree

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Court news
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A builder who fleeced a Bury St Edmunds company was ordered to pay £1 at a Proceeds of Crime hearing after a court heard he had no money left from his crimes.

Peter Giblin, 39, ordered two hot boxes, used to transport tarmac, from Proteus Equipment but the cheque in payment of £13,500 bounced. At the time Giblin of Colonial Drive, Northampton had just £95 in his bank account.

On Monday Ipswich Crown Court heard that specialist financial investigators had established that Giblin had benefited by £71,400 for his crimes but had no remaining assets.

Recorder Christopher Makey ordered him to hand over a nominal £1 and the court heard that if any further assets are discovered in the future a fresh application would be made.

Giblin was jailed for seven years after being found guilty of fraud and theft offences.

During his trial the court heard that he rented machinery including diggers, a roller and two dumper trucks from plant hire companies but failed to pay the bills and the machinery worth tens of thousands of pounds was never recovered.