Man handled £5k of stolen goods

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A MAN had more than £5,000 of fraudulently purchased internet goods delivered to his home, getting paid £50 for each delivery.

Nerijus Kalina, 29, now of Etna Road, Bury St Edmunds, had Moroccan oil products, scuba diving gear, life jackets, fishing gear and even an outboard motor delivered to his address in Magdalen Street, Thetford, between August and November last year, Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court heard on Tuesday.

A friend had persuaded him to accept the items and promised to pay him £50 for every delivery he picked up.

Over a four month period, Kalina accepted 10 deliveries to the address worth a combined £5,499.07, receiving £500 for his troubles.

Kalina pleaded guilty to 10 counts of possession of criminal property.

Prosecuting, Rosalind Cappleman said: “The losers in this matter are companies, internet companies, that have websites where products can be bought.

“The jist of this case is that there were 10 deliveries of items as stated in the charges and they were bought by fraudulent transactions.

“The delivery drivers claim the defendant was the man who was at the address when these items were delivered.

“The crown would ask you to consider committing this to crown court due to its compensation powers.”

In mitigation, Mark Thompson said: “Mr Kalina’s involvemenet in this is as someone whose address was used.

“At the time he was motivated to do it because he was out of work and it all occurred in a short space of time.

“There is no temptation to get involved in anything else and he had moved away from that ‘friend’ aswell.”

Mrs Cappleman said she was under the impression very little had been returned to targeted companies, saying she believed only one tub of oil, two fishing magazines and a couple of fishing booklets had been recovered.

An ‘all options’ report was ordered to clarify what had been returned and to see whether the case needs to be dealt in a crown court.

Kalina will next appear before Bury magistrates on December 20.