Man found guilty of kicking ex-partner

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A Lavenham man has been found guilty of kicking his former partner in the stomach and shoving her head into a wall.

Stephen Charles Younge, 44, of Brent Eleigh Road, denied assaulting his former partner when he appeared at Bury St Edmunds Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

The court heard from Anne Gray, prosecuting, that Younge, who was described as being over 6ft and very strong, assaulted his former partner Kate Younge, also known as Kate Penny, at their Lavenham home.

Miss Penny told the court that she and her former partner had been arguing because she had forgotten to go to the bank to set up a standing order.

She said Younge approached her aggressively and kicked her in the stomach before grabbing her hair and pushing the right side of her head into the wall in the hall.

Younge then walked away shouting abusive names, leaving Miss Penny slumped against a wall.

She told the court the attack had left her with a headache and believing she had broken ribs.

She said: “I felt threatened, which was not unusual in his presence.

“He came towards me aggressively

“As soon as he kicked me it pushed me back because it was with such force.”

Younge, who owns two falconry businesses, pleaded not guilty to assault by beating.

Defending himself, he told the court that his relationship with Miss Penny had been deteriorating for some time and admitted they had been arguing on the morning of July 27.

However, he said there had not been a physical confrontation between himself and Miss Penny as a result of the argument and that he had left for work as usual that morning.

Younge told magistrates that Miss Penny had invented the assault.

He was found guilty and will be sentenced on March 26. He was released on conditional bail.